The Oxford Soap Company is reliable and flexible when it comes to our wholesale. We are able to deliver regularly and timely as well as willing to find the right price for you. Being a small local company, our current focus is on our moisturising soap bars, however we will be diversifying. In the next few months, we will be adding to each range moisturising salts, shaving foams, liquid hand soaps, shampoos and conditioners as well as much more. Gift hampers will also be available for all special occasions and can also be ordered through wholesale. All our packaging has the ‘Made in Britain’ logo clearly shown on the back of the box.

Order a starter pack

Starter packs include 24 moisturising soap bars, eight of each range, and are available in all three sizes:

Gift Starter Pack

24 large (120g)
(RRP £7.50 per item)

Personal Starter Pack

24 medium (60g)
(RRP £4.99 per item)

Guest Starter Pack

24 small (12g)
(RRP £2.99 per item)

Please note:

  • Starter Packs have a fixed price but ordering more regularly will reduce this cost depending on the quantity ordered.
  • Currently no VAT will be added onto invoices but we do not expect this to last long so take advantage whilst you can!

Find out more about our Starter Packs: